WiFi Technology - Connecting to a Hotspot

The hotspots listed on this directory all use some form of 802.11 wireless technology (called Wi-Fi). To connect you will need a WiFi capable notebook, PDA, phone or other wireless device. Connection process will vary from hotspot to hotspot depending on the provider, and the hardware used. However, in general, the following will be the procedure to follow:

1. Open your device and search for wireless networks

2. Connect to the applicable wireless network

3. Open your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) - you should be redirected to the hotspot's 'portal'

4. You should be able to find instructions for setting up an account (if required) on the portal

5. Enter your username and password/token/access code (if required) into the portal page and agree to any T&C's

6. Click 'Login' or 'OK'

7. You should be redirected to your homepage. You should now be free to browse the internet, send/receive email etc.



The following are some general troubleshooting tips for using wireless hotspots. These are non specific but will generally help with some common issues.

1. Ensure popups are disabled in your browser and any toolbars (Google, Yahoo etc.) during the login process

2. Ensure your wireless card is set to 'obtain IP automatically' and 'obtain DNS automatically' before connecting

3. Check you have adequate signal strength ('Good' or better is preferred)

If you are still having trouble connecting contact the support desk for the hotspot. You can generally get these details from the login portal or from the staff at the hotspot. Additionally you may be able to find support information from the providers websites.